Managing bots on the server

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Managing bots on the server

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There seems to be a bit of confusion as to how to manage bots on the server.

It is vitally important NOT to leave the server with zero bots. If this happens, when a player is the first to join, there is literally nothing for them to do so they will leave very quickly.

SpunkyBot has the bots for "!addbots" hard-coded. To use our custom bot config, you had to be an Admin 80 to exec the bot scripts.

To remedy this, I have hacked the SpunkyBot code a bit so that Admin 40 can now control bots.

The protocol for doing so is now as follows:
  • Remove all bots: "!kickbots"
  • Add all bots back: "!addbots"
  • Individual bots can be kicked just like players with "!kick flounder"
  • If you want to reduce bot numbers, just use "!kick <botname>"to kick one from each side, or "!kickbots" to remove them all
  • If you reduce numbers, ensure that before you disconnect, you "!kickbots" then "!addbots" to leave the server in default configuration
  • Admin 80 can either do this, or continue using the bot scripts at your discretion.
  • Use "!help" to work out what you can do
On another note, I have fixed the issue with Admin 40 being unable to "!cyclemap". Please use this sparingly, remember just because you do not like a map does not mean others feel the same. I have turned on cyclemap voting, so preferable use "/callvote cyclemap". Note that this is not a SpunkyBot command so use a / not a !. Also anyone can call a cyclemap vote.

I have also moved the "!swap <player1> <player2>" command to admin 40 to aid with team balancing. Note that you only need a partial name match for it to work eg: "!swap floun deadm"


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