New protocol for bad behavior

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New protocol for bad behavior

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Hi All,

In an effort to combat a recent surge in camping and spawn-killing, we have introduce a regime of warnings and temp bans.

Our current definition of camping:

When a player repeatedly spawns and then returns to the same concealed place or places and stays there for the majority of each life.

Our current definition of spawn killing:

Same as above but involves killing players coming out of spawn, or, concealing yourself behind a spawn point to kill players as they exit.

A few things to note:
  • This is targeted at repetitive behavior
  • Yes it is OK to camp, yes is is OK to SK, but if your whole game revolves around it, we have a problem
  • If it is changing the dynamic of the game (from fun to shit), we also have a problem
  • You will be warned in chat or bigtext first
  • You may be poked/nuked/slapped if you persist
  • You will be officially warned next
  • You get two warning then a TB for 3hrs
  • Warnings persist for 2hrs
  • If you are a repeat offender, one or more steps may be excluded and it goes strait to official warning.
We are not trying to over police or make a nanny server, just to keep the game enjoyable for all.

If you find yourself on the wrong end of this, do not abuse the admins, you will just end up permanently banned.

Instead make a post in the suggestions area about how we can do it better.

This is live now, so lets all keep an eye on behave, keep an eye on chat, and enjoy the game


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