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UTF Code of Conduct

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A few guideline to make yours and everyone else's experience on our servers more pleasant

  • Do I even need to mention hacking ? just don't
  • Use offensive names
  • Abuse other players, especially racial, sexual or religious abuse. Instant bans for doing so.
  • Steal player names. ie: Change your name to be the same similar to an existing player
  • Spam chat
  • Camp excessively, especially when player numbers are low.
  • Spawn kill repetitively.
  • Act like a dick. tea-bagging, blocking doorways, repeatedly swapping teams, spawn killing/camping, suiciding
  • Argue or attempt to bait the admins/moderators
  • Badmouth the server or encourage other players to leave the server
  • Make repetitive hack accusations. If you suspect a cheat, demo it and post it to the forum.
  • Leave after 30 seconds if no-one else joins. Hang out for a bit and maybe you can get a game going
  • Greet joining players and make them feel welcome
  • Swap or encourage others to swap teams to balance skill level
  • Wear clan tags and recruit players for your clan
  • Remind players if they are breaking the server rules
  • !register to get access to your kill stats using the !xlrstats command
  • Register on the forum to have a voice in how the server is run
  • Get Authed. ie: register at urbanterror.info, get a (free) auth key and enter it into you client config.
    • You are less likely to be suspected as a cheat using a burner uid
    • You can not be promoted to mod or admin if you are not an authed user
Behaviour Management:
  • We are now actively using the warning system
  • If you are warned, adjust your behavior
  • You get two warnings then a temp ban
  • You may get a warning for camping, spawn killing, team killing etc
  • Do not argue with the admins, they are enforcing the server rules
  • If you get banned, you may contested by logging into the forum and stating your case in the appropriate area. Being abusive will just result in a pem ban.
A few other things:
  • There are no SR8, HK69 or smoke grenades
  • Any player can start a vote to cycle the map using: "/callvote cyclemap"
  • Out of cycle maps are available, ask an admin if you would like to play a specific map