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Fun Stuff

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 9:26 am
by Geordie
Hi all,

In an effort to make the server a little more interesting, I have put a funstuff mega pack in the server downloads directory.

Grab it here: maps/q3ut4/zzzallfunstuffever.pk3

Put it in your q34ut4 folder and go nuts, you can see the codes here: ... stuff-ever

A few things to note:
  • Only people who have downloaded the file will see your funstuff from this file
  • Don't use massively oversized heads.
  • Keep it simple, if you use more than one it will break
  • If anything is broken, please report it here so we can deal with it
  • If this gets abused it will be removed immediately
  • I do not want to see dick, tits or ridiculous oversized hats (eg bulldozer etc)
How to use it:
  • Switch it on by opening your game terminal (~ key) then type /funred <code> or /funblue <code> depending on what team you are on
  • or, you can make it permanent by adding it to your autoexec.cfg file
  • eg: if I am on red, /funred barts will give me Bart Simpsons head
  • To check it out, run the game, select start server, select the map dressingroom. When you spawn, you can see yourself in the mirror.
  • Play around to get what you want, then anyone who has downloaded the pack will see you the same way.
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