Players getting Auth errors connecting to the server

What is going on and when
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Players getting Auth errors connecting to the server

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Hi All,

Today I tried to connect to "UTF California TDM" and got an error regarding the auth server being down and/or someone using my key.

The problem turned out to be my ISP (Telstra Australia) seem to have turned on a new "Telstra Protect" feature that blocks domains with dodgy content.

This seems to include

As a side effect, the game client can't see the auth server so will not let you connect to any game servers.

To fix it, log into your Telstra account and change the setting for "Telstra Protect" to "low" :

Screenshot from 2019-12-28 19-27-26.png
Screenshot from 2019-12-28 19-27-26.png (80.05 KiB) Viewed 969 times
I have reported as a legit site, but until their "security partners" clear it, the problem will likely persist

Screenshot from 2019-12-28 19-22-24a.png
Screenshot from 2019-12-28 19-22-24a.png (58.08 KiB) Viewed 968 times

Keep an eye out and if you hear anyone complaining about it, let them know what is going on

Thread on here: ... challenge/


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