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Hi all,

I'm Coathanger.
I used to play as Milk or Happy_axe and then disa for a while.
It's good to see the game is still alive.
I've seen a few of you around and recognize a few from the old days, so glad to see your still playing.

I have had a long time off but now I'm back although I wont be playing the hours I used to.

I look forward to having some Friday Saturday night fun with you all.

Till then..

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Re: Coathanger

Post by Geordie »

Hi Coathanger, welcome aboard and thanks for registering on the forum.

The great thing about UrT (other than being multi-platfrom) is that players seem to stick with it.

I have been playing for a long time and often see old friends from the past popping up.

We have quite a few regulars and are not far from a critical mass where we have players on almost continuously :-)

Anyhow, enjoy your stay, check in at the forum now and again, and see you soon (preferably through my gun sight)


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