Worst player urt here

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Worst player urt here

Post by slackin »

How's it going everyone? I'm probably the worst player to ever have played competitively in UrT, but I'm a good medic and have fun.

I do like to troll people, as it is an ancient UrT tradition that must not be broken. But I typically do so by just playing the game 😀

Side note: felt good the other day when you guys thought I was hacking, when you're as terribad as me, it's an honor to be thought of as a hacker.

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Re: Worst player urt here

Post by Geordie »

Hi slackin,

Ha ha, I don't know, I have seen some fairly tragic players :D

As for hacking, an admin might mention it just to see what you do.

We have some serial offenders here, and they don't always have their hacks switched on, but if you are clean you have nothing to worry about.

Welcome to the server and the forum, be sure to check out the server rules: http://www.utfclan.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=18

I hope you enjoy playing here !


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