I am ge0rdie

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I am ge0rdie

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I have been playing Urban Terror for 10ish years and live in Brisbane, Australia.

In the past I have been a member of KMA and KUT clans.

I love this game because you don't need a beast of a machine to run it, it is multi platform, and has just the right balance of realism and fun.

I started UTF so I could play on a server that kept mostly to the classic UrT maps, and also that had a slightly more friendly ping for people in my corner of the world.

This forum is new, but the servers have been around for awhile and have a team of experienced Admins watching them.

Enjoy playing and remember Rule #1 - Play fair, respect other players, don't be a tool


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Re: I am ge0rdie

Post by pichiller »

Hey there Geordie!! ;)

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