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Post by GISdood »

What's up with this forum thing? Is this where we hurl insults at one another without fear of getting stabbed while chatting in-game?

/me stabs Mondo

*edit - oh yeah... 'bout me. Ummm... been killing Mondo/Flagg (even with FF on) since like... gawd... 2002? Its been a while. So yeah, old as dirt at 49, but at least I'm not as old as Rorik! ;)

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Re: GISdood

Post by Flagg »

Oh noes! This guy!

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Re: GISdood

Post by defaulty »

Hey gis, good to see you on here, take it easy on us old guys :D . The only tactic I have left is bot bodyguards and they aren't doing so well lol.

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Re: GISdood

Post by pichiller »

Sup Gis!!! Glad to see you joined us


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