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Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 3:58 pm
by defaulty
Hi all, I found your server recently and I really enjoy playing on it. The servers I normally played on had recently shut down so I have been looking for a new home. I hope this can be it. I have seen some familiar faces here, and met some new ones and am looking forward to meeting more of you.
BTW I was formerly known as Maddad. Don't hold that against me haha.

Re: defaulty

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 11:43 pm
by pichiller
Hey, old man!! :lol: Nice to see you made your way here!

Welcome to the forums!

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Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 5:52 am
by Geordie
Hi defaulty,

I recognise the name Maddad from Lily I think, I was known as Hagrabiscuit over there :-)

Welcome to the forum, glad you found us!

We have been running for a few years now and seem to be picking up the pieces after Confluvium and Lily shut down.

The server seems to be populated fairly much 24hrs a day now, so even if there is no-one on, you can bet someone will join withing 5-10 minutes.

I see you know pichiller, he seems to know anyone who has ever played this game :-)

Be sure to check the forum, I am always keen for ideas, maps etc.


Re: defaulty

Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 11:13 pm
by defaulty
Hi P, I was wondering if that was you. Good to see you here too, its been a while. How is Red, Tex, and Dark doing these days, I haven't heard from them in like forever it seems.
Thanks for the welcome, if I get a chance I can send you a screenshot of my map file and if you see anything there you want let me know and I can send it. I might have some on an older hd I have on the shelf and can check that too. The server is looking and working great for me.

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Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2020 1:12 am
by Vamp
Hi Maddy, lovely to know you have found us, a great opponent both you and Maru were on lily, looking forward to many a good game in the future.