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Hi There

Post by PsYc0TiC »

PsYc0Tic here. I know I got off on the wrong foot with bug and maybe a couple others but as you can see... I care about exposing cheaters so please accept my apology.

Not new to this... ran the [BN] clan for years and had 5 modes running on my dedicated server from my house. Shut it all down when 4.2 came about because it sucked something fierce. Took a 5 or 6 year layoff but am back to playing. Got pretty good at sniffing out supposed "good" players using wallhacks starting back when I played Quake 3 and throughout playing URT. Not always right but when I suspect... if I watch long enough... they slip up and expose the truth.

I will be good and stop berating suspected cheaters in-game but I will submit some demos.

See ya in the server.

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Re: Hi There

Post by Geordie »

Hi PsYc0Tic,

All good, welcome aboard.

Catching cheats is time consuming and a real pain in the arse, but unfortunately a necessary one.

We are staring to get a few people more active in the forums and it is always good to get others opinions.

I know your frustration, I have PBd before based on what I have seen in real time. I figure that if they are legit, they will sign up on the forum and contest it, and I will still have the demo.

With players I have seen before I take more time and effort.

I can tell you that there is one current semi regular who I have PBd in the past for cheating (not subtle at all). Based on their now crap game play they are no longer cheating so I have let it slide.

Anyways, enough of that, good to see you participating in the forum

Looking forward to shooting you soon


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Re: Hi There

Post by pichiller »

Welcome PsYc0Tic!!

Good to have you here, mate. We need as many eyes as we can get to patrol the server.

As Geordie already pointed out, catching cheaters is really time consuming. I help to admin a couple of other servers and lately I've been more on spec than actually playing :( . But we need to do that (and more) if we want the keep the game alive and "clean". So I don't mind it that much.

Anyway!! See y'all in game

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