G'day from down under!

Say hi, make some friends or enemies
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G'day from down under!

Post by wutangspawncamper »

Hi all,

I've been playing on the server for most of 2020! Nice to meet you all.


P.S. If you haven't seen BABYMETAL before, check out the Road Of Resistance video on YouTube.

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Re: G'day from down under!

Post by Geordie »

Hi Ben,

Welcome to the forum!

We have a great bunch of regulars here and they server is generally populated 24x7

It is a bit deserted in the evening in our timezone, but getting better, so great to see more AU players

I look forward to shooting you soon :D


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Re: G'day from down under!

Post by defaulty »

Hi Ben, we've already met lol, but welcome to our servers and forums.

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