Urban Terror Fanatics

About Us:
  • Urban Terror Fanatics exist to provide a place for those who enjoy this awesome game
  • We only maintain one server located in the California
  • Sexual/racial/religous abuse will not be tolerated in any form
  • A bit of trash talk is fine, just don't get carried away, I don't want to have to switch on the censor bot
  • See the UTF Code of Conduct for some guidelines on expected behavior
  • Respect other players and don't be a pest
  • See the Spunky Bot Commands for a list of commands and who can use them
  • Note that you get extra commands once you !register
  • Based on your attendance and behaviour, players will be selectively promoted to the "Regulars" and "Moderators" and "admin" groups
  • Regulars are able to balance teams etc, Moderators can kick, mute and temp ban players as well
  • To report any problems with the server go to the Forum
  • Note that you will only be accepted as a forum user if your name appears in the server DB

Enquires: urt.ge0rdie at gmail dot com